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Taylor is an SEO expert based in Los Angeles. He is the owner and operator of Earthtone Content and has been working with websites since 2005, back when the web was ruled by a different type of dinosaur.

He went to the University of Kansas and managed the International Student Services website for a period while earning his Journalism degree. In 2011, he moved to Chicago and switched focus from web development to SEO. Even back then, it was clear how powerful organic search is for businesses.

In 2013, he began working for the Chicago Tribune, combining his new SEO skills with those learned from earning his Journalism degree. He continued to work for the Tribune and its parent company (Tribune Publishing) until 2021, gaining invaluable experience in news SEO and content publishing.

He began working for Upwork in 2022, managing SEO content efforts for the site’s Resource Center. Since joining, the section has seen continued strides in search traffic and organic keyword performance. (Please note that Earthtone’s services run through Upwork, but Taylor does not receive additional employee benefits for using the platform.)

Taylor started Earthtone in 2022 to practice content marketing, SEO, web development, design, analytics, generative AI, and all the other skills involved in running a business and website. With Earthtone, Taylor hopes he can use his years of experience to provide helpful information and assistance to those seeking to improve their online audience and business.

See LinkedIn for more professional details. If you’d like to work with Taylor, please contact us or click the button below to arrange services.

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