Claude: Basics of Anthropic’s AI Assistant




Updated 5/1/2024

Claude is a generative AI chatbot tool that rivals ChatGPT and Gemini, designed with an emphasis on ethics and safety.

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What is Claude?

Claude is an AI assistant created by Anthropic, an AI company committed to safety and ethical considerations. This AI model distinguishes itself by prioritizing transparency, ethical alignment, and interaction safety.

Developed using Anthropic’s “Collective Constitutional AI” approach, Claude integrates ethical guidelines directly into its operational framework, ensuring its responses are consistent and safely aligned with human values.

This makes Claude a reliable tool for various applications, from text generation to complex decision-making, without risks of generating misleading or harmful content.

Claude Versions

The current model is Claude 3, which comes in a family of three:

Claude 3 Haiku

Designed for speed and near-instant responses. It’s ideal for customer support and other scenarios where quick decision-making is essential.

This is the free version of Claude.

Claude 3 Sonnet

The balanced model between speed and intelligence. It’s suitable for enterprise-level tasks that demand rapid yet intelligent processing.

Claude 3 Opus

Offers superior intelligence and can handle complex, multifaceted tasks requiring deep understanding and extensive data processing.

You can use Haiku for free, but you must have a Claude Pro subscription to access Sonnet and Opus. Additionally, each model has a different API pricing structure.

Claude Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the main considerations:


  • Ethical Focus: Designed with strong ethical guidelines to ensure safety.
  • Multilingual Support: Capable of operating in several languages.
  • Data Analysis: Excels in complex data analysis.
  • Visual Processing: Can interpret visual formats like images and documents.
  • Flexible Performance: Multiple models allow for customized workflows.


  • Cost: Claude Pro is $20, the same as ChatGPT Plus, but with fewer features. API pricing can also get expensive quickly.
  • Mixed Results: While Claude’s results can be great, achieving that point can also take a while.
  • No Mobile App: Anthropic doesn’t offer one, making it much less handy than competing tools.

Claude Alternatives

While Claude is definitely one of the top three AI assistants available, it has intense competition from heavyweight models:

  • ChatGPT: OpenAI’s highly popular tool with additional features and capabilities, like image generation and Custom GPTs.
  • Google Gemini: Another powerful option with advanced user interface features like accordion editing tools and a button to help you verify results in Google.

Different people prefer different AI. If you’re just getting into AI assistants, try each and see how well they work with your natural intelligence.

Bottom Line

Claude is a strong AI assistant focused on ethics and safe responses. While the chatbot features might be lacking compared, Claude’s greatest potential is its API use for safe applications for sensitive work. If interested, give it a try. It plays nice. 🌏


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