Climate Efforts

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At Earthtone Content, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability. Understanding the critical challenges our planet faces, we contribute a significant portion of our Stripe transactions to climate change mitigation.

Commitment to Climate Action

The climate crisis poses a severe threat to ecosystems, communities, and economies. We recognize the vital role businesses can play in addressing this crisis. Reducing harm is not enough; we must actively contribute to creating solutions for a sustainable future.

Partnering with Stripe Climate

To put our commitment into action, we joined Stripe Climate, an initiative that funds innovative carbon removal technologies. The program allows businesses to allocate some of their revenue toward developing solutions for reversing climate change effects, such as carbon capture.

Our Contributions

The following are our initiatives for addressing climate change:

  • Elevated Contribution: We contribute 10% of every transaction processed through Stripe. For context, the default range is 0.5%-1.5%. This decision underscores our commitment and ensures a significant portion of our revenue is directed toward meaningful climate action.
  • Impact and Transparency: Stripe Climate’s commitment to transparency allows us to see the direct impact of our contributions. Those invest in a portfolio of projects focusing on scalable and effective carbon removal technologies, from direct air capture to enhanced mineralization.
  • Climate-Forward Content: Beyond our financial contributions, Earthtone Content raises awareness about technologies like Ecosia that help fight climate change. Additionally, we engage with our clients and community to advocate for broader participation in sustainability initiatives.

Future Directions

This is only the beginning. We are continually exploring ways to highlight climate-conscious technology, reduce environmental impact with tech, and support initiatives creating a healthier planet. 🌍