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Social Media Calendar – Notion Template



This Notion template features two dynamic databases for organizing your social media content. It streamlines organization, provides relevant data, and simplifies documentation so you can focus on creating great content.

Key Features

Social Media Content Calendar

This database features useful fields for social content management:

  • Post: Organize your posts in one place, from idea to publish.
  • Status: Know how each piece of content is coming along.
  • Platform: Track what has been posted on which platform.
  • Tags: Plan your hashtags for maximum reach.
  • Assets: Add any relevant media for extra organization. 

Plus, other handy fields help you optimize your content workflow.

Social Platforms Database

A database for each platform featuring these benefits:

  • Keep your accounts in one place.
  • Document key information for each platform.
  • Track strategies and metrics for each account. 

Multiple Views

Each database features multiple views for simplified content management. You can easily see the status of your social content, use a calendar view for easy scheduling, and get an overview of your content across each platform.


You can integrate this social calendar template with our other digital marketing Notion templates and link each database for incredibly powerful content management. 


You can duplicate this template for a dramatic head start, then customize it to your preferences and needs. This framework allows you to build out and manage your social content however you like.


Pay what you want! This product is in Beta. If you’d like to help, please contribute feedback or a fair value.

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