YouTube Shorts: Essentials Guide with Requirements




Updated 5/16/2024

YouTube Shorts is a short-form video feature emphasizing quick, engaging content. Find video and monetization requirements.

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What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to create and share short-form videos that are 60 seconds or less.

Launched to compete with the popularity of similar platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts emphasizes quick, engaging, and easily consumable content aimed at mobile users.

Key Features

The format is useful for capturing trends, creating easily digestible tutorials, or entertaining an audience with a quick, engaging snippet. Here are some of the main features of Shorts:

  • Quick: Videos can be up to 60 seconds long, making them perfect for delivering concise and impactful messages.
  • Vertical Format: Shorts are primarily vertical, fitting the standard smartphone screen without rotating the device to landscape.
  • Editing Tools: YouTube provides various in-app editing tools that allow creators to add music, text, and other video effects.
  • Engagement Features: Viewers can like, comment, and share Shorts, fostering community interaction and engagement.
  • Discoverability: Shorts are featured on YouTube’s homepage and within a dedicated Shorts tab, increasing visibility.

Video Requirements

YouTube Shorts have specific requirements to ensure they work effectively within the platform’s ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of the key details for creating and uploading YouTube Shorts:

Video Duration60 seconds or less, 15-30 recommended
Aspect Ratio9:16 (Vertical)
Resolution720p minimum, 1080p maximum
File TypeMP4, MOV, other standard types

How to Upload YouTube Shorts

For a quick idea of how to upload Shorts, watch YouTube’s official video on creating and uploading them:

YouTube’s video on uploading Shorts

The process can be completed by creating a Short directly in the YouTube mobile app or uploading a compatible video (see above).

You can upload up to 15 Shorts at a time, nice for scheduling videos according to a content calendar.

Make sure you add the #Shorts hashtag for maximum visibility, as recommended by Google.

YouTube Shorts Monetization

You must be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program to make money from YouTube Shorts. Watch this video for a quick summary:

The official Partner Program video on how to make money on YouTube

This program uses money from ads and Premium subscriptions to pay creators for engaging videos.

Ways to Earn

There are many ways to earn money on YouTube. Here are the direct methods available:

  1. Ad revenue and YouTube Premium profit sharing
  2. Super Chat and Super Stickers
  3. YouTube Shopping
  4. Channel Memberships
  5. YouTube BrandConnect
  6. Super Thanks

There are many other strategies, such as integrating videos with a website or offering other online memberships. If you’re just getting started with YouTube monetization, try out the direct methods first while developing and refining your content.

Partner Program Requirements

Aside from basic checks like following content policies and living in an available country, your channel must meet these requirements:

  • Earn 1,000 Subscribers

Plus one of these engagement goals:

  1. Get 4,000 watch hours in a year
  2. Get 10 million Shorts views within 90 days

Bottom Line

YouTube Shorts is a shortform video feature aimed at mobile users. Videos must be 60 seconds or less, and are best in vertical formats.

You can earn money from YouTube Shorts if you meet the Partner Program requirements. This requires consistent video publishing and quick, engaging content.


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