The Best Midjourney Alternatives for Generating AI Images




Updated 4/25/2024

Discover the best alternatives to Midjourney for creating AI images. Find top competitors and similar generative AI tools.

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Image generators like Midjourney can be great tools for creating AI images and visual-based tasks. However, like any tool, they have pros and cons. Below, we’ll highlight the top contenders, other useful AI art tools, and emerging platforms.

Best Midjourney Alternatives

While there are many choices out there, and new tools emerge every week, the following are the top AI image generators for most people. If you’re exploring image generators, these three are the first options.

1. DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 landing page

OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 is one of the best image generators out there. It is incorporated into ChatGPT‘s paid plans, such as Plus for $20. DALL-E is powerful, intuitive, and widely available. All you need to do is ask ChatGPT to create them, and it should render interesting results.

DALL-E’s unmatched ability to understand and incorporate prompt information is its greatest strength.

Midjourney can be particularly bad at ignoring prompt information, but DALL-E does a significantly better job with extra information.

For example, if you include three visual elements, Midjourney might only pay attention to two of them or just focus on one entirely. DALL-E might also ignore information, but it tends to be much better at incorporating details.

Pros & Cons


  • Best at including important information
  • High-quality images
  • Conversational editing for easy interaction
  • Creates Fast-loading WebP images, great for page speed and SEO
  • Integrated with ChatGPT, good for value bundling


  • Requires paid subscription
  • Lacks image editing tools
  • Can be “lazy” and produce weak options
  • Has some noticeable limitations

DALL-E vs. Midjourney

  • DALL-E is better at incorporating information.
  • Midjourney gives you more variation and control over image dimensions and details.

2. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly homepage

Another great Midjourney alternative is Adobe Firefly. This is available as a standalone web app (linked), but Firefly technology also powers image generation tools in Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. So, if you use software like Photoshop, you can use Firefly to generate images and objects in the application.

You can use the Firefly web app just like you might Midjourney, but the controls are…. well, they exist! You can use these controls to help you align the images with what you have in mind. Substantially easier than chatting in a Discord server!

Adobe has also had a careful and responsible approach to AI and image generation, ensuring any data used to train their models is ethically sourced and fair to use. If interested, you can browse Adobe’s FAQ page about Firefly to learn more.

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive controls
  • Ethical model sourcing
  • Incorporated in popular creative apps
  • Can use with Adobe Illustrator, for AI vector results
  • Best for design productivity


  • Not as strong at following prompts
  • Full experience requires a Creative Cloud subscription
  • Midjourney and DALL-E tend to outperform

Firefly vs. Midjourney

  • Firefly is best for for design tasks and Adobe Creative Cloud software users.
  • Midjourney generally produces better results but is way less intuitive.

3. Stable Diffusion

Stability AI Stable Diffusion page

If you’re looking for a more versatile alternative to Midjourney, Stable Diffusion is likely your best choice. While it’s definitely trickier to set up, Stable Diffusion is super powerful and has few limitations on what prompts it will honor. Of course, this comes with larger benefits and drawbacks.

Stable Diffusion is open-source, meaning anyone can contribute and use it. However, the models are also built on unauthorized training data. Though that’s pretty standard, it comes with developing legal issues and ethical considerations.

Still, Stability AI’s image generation tools are powerful and highly customizable, making them an excellent choice for the technically inclined.

Pros & Cons


  • Open-source and free
  • Customizable, can use various interfaces
  • High-quality results


  • Requires a bit of technical know-how
  • Quality varies with computer setup
  • Lack of limitations, creating increased caution

Stable Diffusion vs. Midjourney

  • Stable Diffusion is customizable and allows additional creative freedom.
  • Midjourney is easier to set up and generally learn.

Other AI Image Generation Tools

If you’re looking for strong alternatives to Midjourney, those listed above will be your best bet. However, there are plenty of other great ways to go. This section covers other options worth checking out, even if they aren’t the strongest.

Image Creator from Microsoft Designer

Image Creator from Microsoft Designer homepage

This used to be a Bing-branded product, but Microsoft’s Image Creator is a simple text-to-image generator powered by DALL-E 3. It’s great for those looking to test AI image creation without paying for a tool. Image Creator is a part of Microsoft Designer, which offers other AI design features.


Ideogram homepage

While not as established, Ideogram is a newer image generator that only requires an associated account, then you can use it for free. Ideogram generates high-quality results and is excellent with text, even better than DALL-E.

However, the Ideogram is very lenient when it comes to generating material related to copyrighted work. For example, you can tell it to make you the Disney logo, and it pretty much will.

Use caution and don’t assume the results are commercially viable.

Google Gemini (Eventually)

Google Gemini homepage

While Google put Gemini’s image generation features on pause, they should be fully operational again at some point. Once available again, it should operate similarly to how ChatGPT and DALL-E function, incorporating image creation within a chat interface.

Then, anyone with access to Gemini (most Google users) should be able to create images with text using Google’s high-quality model.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an alternative to Midjourney, the first tool you should try is DALL-E 3, which is available with a ChatGPT Plus subscription at $20 a month.

However, DALL-E has its limitations. Depending on your needs and willingness to learn new software, options like Firefly and Stable Diffusion can be excellent choices.

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