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We’re a Los Angeles SEO Company with Simple Services

Welcome to Earthtone Content, a Los Angeles digital marketing company specializing in SEO and content marketing. We can help you improve your website and perform better in search engine results. All without spammy backlink campaigns.

Why Us?

We know Los Angeles. It’s a city filled with creative, unique individuals and businesses. If you want your website and content to stand out, you need to compete with some of the best out there. We can make that less stressful.

Our services specialize in providing you with valuable data, resources, and next steps for SEO success. Our unique strategies are backed by over a dozen years of experience in the field, working with a wide variety of sites, from artist portfolios to large publications like the Los Angeles Times.

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SEO Specialties

One does not simply “SEO” into ranking. Search engine optimization has many subcategories. We specialize in these effective types:

If you’re versed in SEO, you might notice we don’t offer any backlink services. That’s because we don’t believe spamming people will improve your site. It’s something other SEOs are happy to do, but we like to provide more authentic services that improve content and fix technical details.

We Know SEO, So Can You

We believe anyone can learn SEO. While it’s a bit obscure and intimidating at first, it’s not so bad once you learn the basics. That’s why we have a growing library of SEO resources, to help you understand the key and confusing bits.

Our Library

  • Articles: Round-ups and other resources for your search traffic efforts.
  • Glossary: The SEO terms you need to know, plus some obscure ones too, because people in the field love coining terms.
  • Software: Quick guides on popular software used in SEO and digital marketing.
  • Tutorials: Learn how to do common SEO tasks with our simple yet detailed instructions.

Stay Informed with SEO Insights

There’s a lot going on in SEO nowadays. Google needs to compete with ChatGPT and Bing, which nobody would have predicted not too long ago.

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