Ownership & Funding

Welcome to Earthtone Content, a digital marketing agency for businesses and individuals navigating SEO and content strategy.

Ownership Structure

Earthtone Content is owned and operated by Taylor Brown. It is a sole-operated Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Los Angeles, California. Taylor has over a dozen years of SEO experience, spanning from personal portfolios to esteemed publications such as the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

As the sole proprietor, Taylor brings deep knowledge, a unique perspective, and a relentless drive to deliver exceptional value to Earthtone Content’s clientele. His vision for the company exceeds traditional digital marketing services, aiming to empower clients with understandable tools and insights necessary for genuine, sustainable growth.

Funding Information

Initially, Earthtone Content’s operations are self-funded, reflecting Taylor’s commitment to building a resilient, client-focused business. The choice to self-fund allows for a high degree of flexibility, enabling Earthtone to stay true to its core values and mission without the influence of external investors.

As the business grows and evolves, there may be opportunities to explore additional funding avenues, including grants, partnerships, and other financial mechanisms to support expansion and enhance service offerings. Any such developments will be pursued with the company’s mission of delivering high-quality, ethical digital marketing services at the forefront.

Future Prospects

Earthtone Content is poised for growth, with plans to expand the team and explore new services and technologies. The company remains committed to sustainable business practices, including combatting climate change through initiatives like carbon removal transactions.


Earthtone is dedicated to excellence, ethical practices, and a customer-first approach. As the business moves forward, it will continue prioritizing transparency, quality, and the empowerment of its clients and community. 🌎